Oregon Spotted Frog Hearing Update

During a hearing today Federal judge, Ann Aiken told WaterWatch of Oregon and the Center for Biological Diversity that she's inclined to rule against their request for an injunction to modify water flow at Central Oregon reservoirs to benefit the Oregon spotted frog.

Judge Ann Aiken indicated she would deny the motion, and planned to issue a written decision soon.

Mike Britton, Chair of the Deschutes Basin Board of Control and manager for North Unit Irrigation District, said after the hearing, “We are pleased with today’s court proceeding. The Districts continue to hope the Center for Biological Diversity and WaterWatch of Oregon will join with the districts and the rest of the Central Oregon community to complete the Deschutes Basin Habitat Conservation Plan. In doing so we can continue to focus on developing and implementing measures to benefit the Oregon spotted frog, rather than tying the matter up in the courts for years and perhaps losing a crucial opportunity to make a difference.”

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