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Here at COID, we get that we are very much the product and tool of our patrons & fans - that's you! We'd like to thank you all and wish you a very #HappyThanksgiving!Read more

Eight Central Oregon irrigation districts said today they have agreed to modified Wickiup Reservoir winter operations to ensure Deschutes River flows below Wickiup Dam don't drop below 175 cubic feet per second through the winter.Read more

Thank you to Scott Nelson Productions for sharing your photos of Wickiup Reservoir. The photo on the top was taken in October 2016 when the Reservoir was filled to 21%. The photo on the bottom was taken this month and shows the Reservoir filled to 51%! We are taking advantage of a good water year and adding more water to the Deschutes River.Read more

Attention COID patrons - the first winter stock run will be November 27 – December 1 (the Pilot Butte Canal and the Central Oregon Canal). ​Please remember that winter runs are subject to change or cancellation due to winter weather conditions. Heavy ice or snow in the ditches can cause damage to canal integrity and lead to flooding from blockages. Feel free to send us a message with any questions or concerns! ​Read more

Drought is the leading driver of production risk in U.S. #agriculture and no other source of production risk is as nationally significant as drought in terms of lost agricultural production and income. In California and other Western States, surface water supplies may be highly vulnerable to drought. Reservoir storage systems in the Western United States help smooth out irrigation supplies during periods of reduced stream flows, providing a buffer against short-term drought. However, reliance on surface water for irrigation creates its own form of drought vulnerability. Prolonged drought generally results in large reductions in the quantity of surface water delivered, affecting #farm production systems that depend heavily on surface water for irrigation. What is COID doing to alleviate this water issue? Find out here: more

We are excited to kickoff this piping project! “Piping canals is a critical strategy in modern irrigation practices,” said Craig Horrell, COID district manager. “During the irrigation season, we lose approximately 50 percent of water to evaporation and seepage from canals and laterals. Piped canals mitigate these losses and conserve a significant portion of this water. These conservation efforts benefit fish and wildlife in the Deschutes River ecosystem, support sustainable agriculture and help Bend to manage its water resources for the future.”Read more

We are almost 100 years old, having been established in 1918. Central Oregon Irrigation District (COID) is a Municipal Corporation of the State of Oregon and our system consists of two main canals: the Pilot Butte Canal, which runs north, through Bend, Redmond and Terrebonne; and the Central Oregon Canal, which runs east, through Bend, Alfalfa and Powell Butte. You will find more about us, and our long history in the #CentralOregon community on our website. more

Here #inBend, we kinda have a thing for #BrewingBeer. Mecca Grade Estate Malt - a patron of one of our fellow irrigators at North Unit District - is changing the game for the local beer industry! See how Mecca Grade is pumping the flavor back into malt from Bend Magazine: more

Besides the environmental improvements as a benefit from piping - what other benefits are in store? The pipe will be buried at grade level and, when the project is completed, COID will restore the area creating a recreation experience similar to the trail in First Street Rapids Park between Pioneer Park and Sawyer Park in northwest Bend. This continues a partnership between COID and Bend Park & Recreation District to manage Central Oregon’s water resources and consider residential and recreation opportunities. “Connecting people from the east side of Bend to the Deschutes River as part of the trail system is a long-held community vision. BPRD is excited to be partnering with COID to continue this work,” said Julie Brown, Bend Parks and Recreation District Communications and Community Manager. “This project serves as a great example of how public agencies can work together to meet community needs.” More here from Bend Bulletin: more

Let's talk energy savings. We are committed to seeking and implementing energy conservation practices while protecting the environment. That is why we look for innovative ways to reduce power costs, which in turn reduce the cost of water to #farmers. We are proud to partner with #EnergyTrustOfOregon and #FarmersConservationAlliance to develop modern irrigation systems that save water and leave more in-stream for fish and wildlife. Have questions about this mission? Full details here: more

Were you aware - the irrigation of agricultural crops accounts for most (80%) of the nation’s water consumption? That is why U.S. agriculture is central to the challenge of balancing increasing water demands for urban, industrial, and environmental uses. According to the 2012 Census of Agriculture, #irrigated #farms represented just 14 percent of U.S. farms, but contributed about 39 percent of the country’s farm sales—over $152 billion. more

Where can you enjoy local food and beer while you talk to your neighbor, meet a #farmer and get to know your #HDFFA? This Wednesday, 5:30-9pm at 10 Barrel Pub East, is where. HDFFA is throwing their annual Autumn Social, a free event for 2016 -17 Partners and Sponsors and open to interested community members for a small fee. Full house expected so reserve your space here: more

Water is life. At Central Oregon Irrigation District, we're helping to make #CentralOregon a place worth living, and loving! As stewards of our most precious resource, we take our mission seriously. We deliver water to District patrons, schools, parks & businesses so everyone can work, play and thrive in this beautiful part of the earth in which we live. Read more about our mission statement on our website. more

COID has identified several locations where the District can improve on-farm deliveries. A report identifies two main areas, King Way and Smith Rock, which represents a good cross-section of COID's operations. These two areas represent opportunitites for significant improvements. What 5 steps would be required to realize on-farm savings and return water to the river? Find out here: more

Happy Halloween everyone! If you haven't visited the Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch (both of which are grown using irrigation water) at Smith Rock Ranch, now is the time! more

We here at COID, as part of the 8 districts that comprise DBBC are working with Fish & Wildlife Service, National Marine Fisheries Service and over a dozen basin stakeholders on the #DeschutesBasinHabitatConservationPlan (DBHCP). When complete, the DBHCP will result in the implementation of specific projects to protect, restore and enhance fish and wildlife habitat. Take a look at the visual overview of all 8 districts in our System Improvement Plan document: more

2017's late summer wildfire memories in #CentralOregon still remain vivid in our minds. How was Bend's #watershed potentially threatened, and what was done to prevent harm that could've impacted it for years to come? Find out here in a recent article from The Bulletin. more

In 1924, the local population had grown to 2,000 people with an impressive 28,500 acres under irrigation. Irrigation helped create the city of #Bend and helped drive its growth and industrialization to where it is today! more

Are you ready for a contest? Head over to DBBC's page to enter, and post your pictures of fun times at Smith Rock Ranch's Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze - you could win a COID hat, now through Nov. 1st!Read more

The media and the public are invited to join a public tour of the City’s Water Filtration Facility from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Tuesday, October 24, 2017! Sign up for the tour here:, and learn more about the facility here: The tour is a way the City’s Utility Department is honoring last week's national annual “#ImagineADayWithoutWater” campaign which is meant to raise awareness about the value of water. In the United States, most consumers have clean water systems that bring fresh water into their homes and business. They also have reliable infrastructure systems that take the wastewater away to be safely treated and returned to the environment. But what would happen if no water came out of the tap to brush your teeth, or if you couldn’t flush the toilet? A Day Without Water would mean firefighters wouldn’t have water to put out fires, farmers couldn’t water crops, and doctors couldn’t wash their hands before treating patients. Bend has two great water sources: surface water from the Bridge Creek Municipal Watershed and groundwater from the deep Deschutes regional aquifer. To be responsible stewards of this resource, the City continually invests in conservation and sustainable management.Read more

The Trump Administration is quietly but assertively making changes to key departments that implement policies impacting the activities of Western agricultural producers. What is being done in response? Read about it in #FamilyFarmAlliance's September Briefing. more

Next Monday, join former Coalition for the Deschutes board member, Craig Lacy, for a presentation about the Upper Deschutes fishery of decades past - "Back to the Future: Upper Deschutes Historic Fishery The Way it Was...and Can Be Again". The details: Monday, October 23, 6:30 - 7:30 pm Brooks Room, Bend Downtown Library RSVP requested: Bend resident Craig Lacy has been an advocate for wild rivers and wild fish for more than four decades. During the early 1980s, Craig worked as a guide for a flyfishing business out of Sisters. In 1985, he started his own outfitting business, Whitewater and Wild Fish, becoming the first full-time outfitter out of Bend to do extended trips on the Deschutes. The business grew over the years, with seven guides taking flyfishers throughout the area, including the high cascade lakes, the Deschutes and the John Day.Read more

We've been talking a lot about a canal System Improvement Plan. Do you have questions about how this modernization will specifically affect Pilot Butte canal and its patrons? Get answers here: more

Thanks to aging infrastructure, complicated legal snags and other factors, some of the local irrigation districts operating within the Deschutes Basin are falling short of water. However, a grant from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation should provide a partial solution. Last month, Central Oregon Irrigation District received a federal grant designed to help irrigation districts set up a comprehensive approach to sharing and loaning water - read more about this solution here, from The Bulletin: more

*1000 homes are powered by 1 MW of hydroelectricity