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Winter Stock-Run Schedule for the Pilot Butte Canal and the Central Oregon Canal

Central Oregon Canal – November 11 – 14, 2019

Pilot Butte Canal – November 18 – 21, 2019


Central Oregon Canal – January 6 – 9, 2020

Pilot Butte Canal – January 13 – 16, 2020

* Please note that these are tentative dates and may be rescheduled and/or canceled due to inclement weather, low flows in the Deschutes River, construction or unforeseen events. Stock water runs are for the sole purpose of filling ponds to provide water for livestock.  If you would like to have stock water, please contact the office to make your request. Orders must be placed at least 48 hours prior to the water run. Please check back occasionally for changes or updates.


Turn On and Shut Off Flow Schedule

50% flow from April 8st – April 30th
75% flow from May 1st – May 14th
100% flow from May 15th – September 15th
75% flow from September 16th -September 30th
50% flow from October 1st – 12th


Central Oregon Irrigation District Agreements Documents

The Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) has completed a Programmatic Agreement (PA) developed in concert with the Central Oregon Irrigation District (COID) and the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office (Oregon SHPO) to increase efficiencies in the procedures used to identify and address impacts to historic properties under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act when Reclamation funds canal piping projects or other improvements to COID’s irrigation infrastructure.

The PA was developed in accordance with 36 CFR 800.14(b) to streamline Section 106 compliance responsibilities when federal grant funds are awarded or issued by Reclamation to COID for water and energy conservation projects, such as canal piping. In 2014, Reclamation, COD and Oregon SHPO committed to develop this PA under a Memorandum of Agreement that outlined steps the parties would take to mitigation for adverse effects of piping projects on historic properties. Comments received from the public were taken into consideration by Reclamation, Oregon SHPO and COID in modifying the draft PA; this final PA reflects these modifications.

For additional information, please contact Gregg Garnett, Bend Field Office Manager at 541-389-6541, ext. 226 or

Document Click Here: PA Final


Initiated in 2009, the Deschutes Basin Habitat Conservation Plan (DBHCP) is a plan that will be used by the City of Prineville and the eight Irrigation District members of the DBBC to meet their current and future water needs while enhancing fish and wildlife habitat. The City and Districts determined they would produce a more comprehensive Plan by working together rather than individually. You can read an update on the plan or see our frequently asked questions by clicking on the links below.

Recent Statements and Questions relating to the HCP Nov 2019

Frequently Asked Questions HCP

Habitat Conservation Update Spring 2019