Water Delivery Notices


2017 Season Start-Up

The 2017 irrigation season start-up is scheduled to begin April 3, 2017. Remember that it takes a few days to get water throughout the entire system so, you should see water in the canals by the end of the week of April 3rd. Please call the office or visit the “My Water” tab on our website to make irrigation orders and/or changes. 

Revised Winter Stock Run Schedule

The 2018 Stock Run Schedule will be posted once it is determined.

Please remember that winter runs are subject to change or cancellation due to winter weather conditions. Heavy ice or snow in the ditches can cause damage to canal integrity and lead to flooding from blockages.

Winter runs are limited to patrons who need to fill ponds for livestock only. Oregon state statute forbids irrigation or landscaping uses during off-season months

Fall Shut off Notice

Due to habitat preservation of the Oregon Spotted Frog Central Oregon Irrigation District does not have access to its storage water for the ramp down season. We will be ramping down the season as follows:

Shut Off and Flow Schedule

75% flow from September 15th -September 30th
50% flow from October 1ST – 11th
Season shut off October 11th through the 13th

SHUTTING OFF EARLY? Help us manage our patrons water efficiently! Call the office if you are shutting off before October 11th. 541-548-6047