Maintenance Program

You’ve got a lot going on. We get it! Sometimes you just need a break from the to-do list. Central Oregon Irrigation District (COID) has got your back.

Many patrons have asked for help or resources to maintain their private systems.  We are happy to announce COID is offering a new maintenance program for your private canals and other facilities. We are available to clean and repair private systems to help ensure everything is in good working condition.  Catching potential issues early will save you time, money, and headaches.

We come to you. We provide a quote. We do the work.

Call 541-548-6047 to learn more.

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COID Maintenance Care Details

Call today to have one of our technicians give you a free estimate. Our technician will walk you through your ditch maintenance needs, possible repairs, and come up with a cost-effective plan.

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Service Rates:

Labor (carpentry, metal fab, etc.)$39/hr
Fabrication truck (mobile welding, metal work, etc.)$35/hr (labor not included)
Mini excavator w/ operator$79/ hour (no mobilization fee)
John Deer 75 Excavator w/operator$85/hr.*
Kobelco Excavator w/Operator$85/hr.*
Backhoe w/operator$80/hr.*

*large machinery requires an additional $100 mobilization fee