Congratulations to Barbara Fehl

“40 years? Wow, seems like she just got out of high school”, said Ron Nelson the District manager from 1980-2006. He added, “Barb had an unwavering dedication to customer service. No matter if it was a patrons water delivery issue, an inquiry about an account or a more complex regulatory question. Barb was always good at following thru. Oh, and of course, a great sense of humor. Which is always helpful in our line of work.”

Barb was hired in the spring of 1977 fresh out of High School and continues to provide high quality customer service for our patrons and community!

In today’s world, it is tempting to seek other opportunities and it is hard to keep great employees like Barbara. I would like to personally congratulate Barb on her tenure and thank her for all of her hard work, dedication and for the thousands of little things she does every day that add to the culture of the District. 3/4

– Craig Horrell, General Manager