Instream Spotlight: Hannah Schlesinger

What is your method of irrigation?

I use an inground irrigation sprinkler system for my pasture area and wheel lines for the crop field.

How did you first hear of the instream program?

I first heard about the instream program when I was researching information prior to purchasing my property. I had reached out to COID to learn more about water rights and the status for the property. They were incredibly helpful and shared extensive information, including information about the instream program as an option to maintain my water rights if I wasn’t planning to irrigate. This was a key consideration in purchasing my property because I wasn’t sure when or how I would want to irrigate.

What prompted you to enroll in the instream program the last 3 years?

The property owners before me had changed the layout of the property and irrigation systems but hadn’t remapped the water rights or finished installing irrigation. I’m still in the process of doing both to set the property up optimally for full utilization of my water rights. I enrolled in the instream program as a solution to ensure that I don’t lose my water rights for all areas that are at risk, but also for areas that aren’t at immediate risk but I know I won’t be irrigating yet for beneficial use on my property. That way, I’m still making sure the water is going towards a beneficial use by keeping it in the river for fish and wildlife.

What is your overall experience of the program?

This is an incredible program. It’s a win-win to be able to support water conservation and comply with the water rights regulations. I also appreciate that the staff at COID is always patient in answering my many questions and makes it incredibly easy to enroll in the program.

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