Irrigator Spotlight: D.C. Lundy

D.C. Lundy owns and manages 35.03 acres of irrigation water rights attached to his property

located off the Central Oregon Canal in Powell Butte. He has made significant improvements to his land, resulting in increased yields and efficient irrigation practices.

D.C.’s commitment to enhancing his land led him to acquire an additional six acres of irrigation rights through a private water sale facilitated by Central Oregon Irrigation District. He converted the water right from flood to sprinkle, implementing a comprehensive irrigation system that included a wheel line, pivot, and solid set sprinklers.

One of the notable achievements in D.C.’s journey was the transformation of a previously unirrigatable area under the pivot. Undeterred by the challenges, D.C. cleared 3.5 acres of solid rock and brought in fill dirt to create a productive and irrigated space. This area is now thriving with crops and contributing to D.C.’s overall agricultural output. Additionally, approximately two acres of sagebrush were cleared and repurposed, revitalizing previously underutilized land.

The benefits of D.C.’s efforts have been resulted in his yields in hay production significantly improving, with his first cutting surpassing the usual output after the second cutting. D.C. is able to sell a portion of his high-quality hay while keeping some for personal use. In addition, the upgraded irrigation system has made the process much more manageable, resulting in substantial water savings.

Completing the upgrades and achieving these milestones two years. Spring 2023 marked the completion of this ambitious project.

What makes D.C.’s achievement even more remarkable is that he accomplished all this without hiring external help. With the assistance of friends equipped with the necessary tools, D.C. dedicated his time, effort, and expertise to bring about these impressive transformations.

Looking ahead, D.C. plans to continue farming and producing hay, with a steadfast commitment to being a responsible steward of the land.

We congratulate D.C. on his success and wish him continued prosperity as he makes the most of his land and contributes to the agricultural community.

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