Land Use Development

There has been considerable development in the past few years throughout the District. If you are contemplating construction on your property, many items potentially involving the District, your water rights and/or adjacent water users may need to be addressed.

Developing properties or making lot line adjustments requires District approval.

Water Rights

Are there water rights on the subject property? If so, they must either be transferred off, or a complete delivery system must be shown on plans for each parcel. Included within the delivery system, there must be easements to each parcel retaining water rights and an irrigation contract to be recorded within the county that clearly describes the delivery system to each parcel.

District Deliveries and Easements:

The District was granted and has maintained exclusive federally authorized rights-of-way within the Deschutes Basin for over a hundred years. Maintaining these rights-of-way clear and unobstructed is in the District’s best interest. These rights-of-way may include but are not limited to, water ditches, piped water, and access roads that vary in width throughout the District. Facilities that meander through proposed land divisions may need to be piped or fenced on the outskirts of the right-of-way with an indemnification agreement signed and recorded. When piping through development, the District has standard right-of-way reduction specifications.


A crossing permit is required for any underground, surface, or overhead crossing of a COID facility. Contact with the District shall be made to acquire a crossing permit before any work is done. Information required for crossings may be obtained by contacting the District office.

The District is notified of all land use applications submitted to the county or city within its boundaries. Therefore, the District will comment on all land use applications and have signature lines on subject plats. Fees for review and signature, piping agreements, etc., are charged before signing related plans or plats.

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