Tips for Documenting Beneficial Use

Here are a few tips for documenting beneficial use

Did you know that COID captures beneficial use data through aerial reviews taken annually in the month of June? Aerial reviews are used as a baseline for collecting beneficial use data. Ultimately, we rely on you, the patron, to provide the District information regarding your successful crops and beneficial use of the water rights on your property.

Take before and after photos

Show landmarks that will identify your location, state the direction the photo was taken, and include a date stamp on the photo.

Provide Receipts

Save receipts for all purchases pertaining to irrigation (seed, labor, irrigation supplies, etc.).


Journal your progress throughout the season to learn from past irrigation practices.

If you grow a late crop (after June), please provide photos following the above guidelines.

The District encourages patrons to provide receipts for any cost related to irrigation and proving up the water right.

Always feel free to contact the District to discuss beneficial use with our Water Right Team. We are here to help you and we truly appreciate updates of the water rights appurtenant to your property.

Send photos and receipts to